Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening

A safer, faster way to the new normal.

ColorVu Cameras

ColorVu Night Vision Cameras

View in full color even in darkness with ColorVu technology

ptz cameras

Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Suitable for covering larger areas, can automatically track people and vehicles.

CCTV Security Camera Systems

Specialists for over 36 years in the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV security and monitored systems. All systems have digital recording and smart remote access control and viewing. Full management and servicing options are available and we can enhance and upgrade your existing system.We also use Video Analytics for Facial Recognition, Number Plate Recognition, People Counting, Unattended Baggage Removal, Object Removal and much more.

Face Mask Detection and Temperature Screening

To help us all establish a new normal, ideal for covering entrances, lobbies and hallways without physical contact, temperature detection accuracy is ±0.5°C.

Ideal for checking when and where face masks are required with clear intuitive display settings (for example):

  • red for temperature
  • orange for missing mask
  • green for wearing mask and below set skin temperature

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Full Colour Night Vision Cameras

Darkness provides cover for theft, trespassing, and other crimes. When using a conventional camera with infrared lighting for night monitoring, people, vehicles, or other important objects are blurry and blend into the background, making it difficult to identify details.

ColorVu Cameras’ powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios.

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Pan, Tilt and Zoom with Auto Tracking

A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera works by moving the camera in different directions to get a whole picture of the surveillance area and zooming in for further detail of security events. The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera while getting great detail at the same time.

In addition to manual tracking control, Auto control supports tracking specified target types such as human and vehicles with intelligent zoom.

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